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Lena Paulauskas is a poet, playwright, performer, and teacher. Her work has been performed throughout the U.S. including NYC and Hawaii. She is a graduate of the University of Evansville and has served as a public-school theater educator in Texas for more than twenty years, directing thousands of students in plays and musicals. She shares her passion for writing and theatre with the next generation by leading workshops for students and teachers. Lena has lived in California, Hawaii, Indiana, and England, but currently resides in Texas. She believes that growing up in Maui, Hawaii, has given her a unique perspective on culture, arts, and performance. She is a proud military wife to her husband, Lance, and together they try to keep up with their three spirited children.

Lena has the uncanny ability to find common ground with almost anyone she meets. She seems to know people wherever she goes, and if she meets a stranger, they are not a stranger for long!