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Lena’s collection of poetry gives voice to grief in breathtaking ways. She holds space for vulnerable emotion and honest hope and reminds us to live and love well. Chasing Time is a gift—for your own grieving heart, and for those you love.

—Angela Donadio
Ministry Leader, Author
Host of the Make Life Matter Podcast

As a professional in the death care industry for thirty-seven years, I am touched by Lena’s willingness to be transparent in her own grief. Chasing Time is a soothing read. It’s comforting to know that others are dealing with the same emotions as you.

—Mark and Sylvia Dean
Owners of Guerrero-Dean Funeral Home

In the months after my mom died, I found that poetry, which had always been a mystery, suddenly opened itself up to me. The words of Mary Oliver and David Whyte suddenly spoke to me. They were a balm to my overwhelming grief. Lena’s work speaks to me in the same way. She gives voice to all the specific little moments that make up a life: the tenderness of a father’s touch, the faithfulness of his prayers. Her poems both break my heart, and also help me heal. They speak to a deep and mysterious truth in me and point me toward a greater love than I can imagine. Lena’s poems become my own prayer and give voice to my own longings so that I too join my voice to hers when she writes, “I want a front row seat to the rainbow after the flood…”

—Shane McRae
Stage, Film, Television Actor
Silo, Sneaky Pete, Paradise Lost, The Help

This truly inspiring work will both fill you with hope and take you on a faith-filled journey through some of life’s most challenging experiences. I found myself profoundly impacted by the author’s delightful wisdom, uncanny wit, and transparent way of capturing the joy of new beginnings that sometimes come in unexpected larger than life packages. I highly recommend this book of poetry to everyone seeking a renewed sense of faith, hope, and love which is available to all in an endless supply.

—Tommy A. Casarez, PhD
Associate Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology
Associate Dean, Division of Theology
Vanguard University

Grief is something we all experience but something we experience in different ways. One of the beautiful points that Lena makes in this collection of poems is that we are not alone in our journey through grief. The words creating the themes throughout this beautiful collection will serve as gentle reminders of the peace and comfort offered to each of us by our grace-filled Father. It is my prayer that Lena’s example to us through her journey will inspire others to help someone else along the way.

—Toby Slough
Founder of Goby International Ministries

The grief club is not one you ever want to be in. It’s not something you sign up for or wish on your worst enemy. But when you find yourself there and you realize you’re not the only member, you’re grateful. Grateful not to be alone. This feeling is exactly what Lena accomplishes with this book. She makes you realize you’re not the only one. Someone else out there feels what you feel. And she just so happens to be a poet, putting words to the unspoken things and making beauty out of pain. So if you’re looking for a sense of purpose or a moment of understanding, Lena’s words will surround you in a much-needed embrace.

—Daniella Mason
Singer, Songwriter

Aging has so many rewards: wisdom, experience, treasured memories come to mind. But a dreaded result of aging is grief. Most notably the grief of watching our aging loved ones decline whether physically, mentally, or in many cases, both. As a survivor of mental illness, I realize now that the root of my illness was in large part denying and avoiding properly facing and handling my grief. Ms. Lena Paulauskas offers guidance and comfort by sharing her journey in confronting grief. The precise wording accompanied by sweet pictures of her journey and memories serve as a tool to those currently encountering grief. While I venture to say we never completely overcome grief, with the proper steps (I suggest this book is such a helpful step), we learn to cope and eventually turn the pain to comfort and even JOY. I wish I would have had this resource to serve as a comforting map throughout my journey.

—Barry Yandell
Actor, Educator
Mental Illness Survivor

Lena’s book is so insightful, covering the myriad of emotions during the grieving process. There is certainly no easy way to walk through the loss of a loved one. The honest expressions of anger, sorrow, fear and dread entices the reader to also acknowledge and own their feelings that threaten to suffocate them. Her words bring exposure of the chaos and opens the door to hope. Each person has their own journey through sorrow, but walking heart to heart with one that has forged the path brings healing.

—Colleen Marocco
Global Senior Pastor
King’s Cathedral

“Chaotic Lovely Mess”, a poem dedicated to her Aunt Debbie, encapsulates what human beings are when grieving, chaotic lovely messes. Paulauskas tells us it is not only okay, it is human.  Having lost my father in 2001, Chasing Time was like a balm, but it also evoked some of the saddest and ugliest times in my life. Paulauskas’ intimate work is a life lesson in grief as she shares moment after moment in her life—both with her father and without him.  The true stories are relatable and will no doubt have you revisiting memories of your own. Paulauskas reminds us how grief shapes us, unravels us, squeezes us so tight we cannot breathe, gives us a swift kick in the pants, whispers, roars and at times, even tickles us. Paulauskas is all at once our mentor, our confidante and our parent who gently but firmly and lovingly clutches our hand as she guides us down the bumpy path of loss. If your grief is fresh, or like mine, decades old, this book tells us that God, having suffered the loss of His own Son, knows the pain of His children and we are never alone even in our grief.

—Marnye Young
Award-Winning Voice Artist
Producer and Owner of Audio Sorceress

Have you ever stopped to consider the powerful impact left by the stately, esteemed people in your heart and memory? When our loved ones are in relationship with us in life, we don’t actually realize the deep impact our champions are permanently imprinting in our emotions, values, maturity, and in our life experiences, until their sudden and unexpected end in life causes us to face losses, fears and loneliness that follow… As Lena reviews these deeply felt, touching moments to be revered, she reveals that she is no stranger to dissecting to the heart, the raw realities and potential emotions of each wound we face at the passing of our loved ones.

Lena leaves no stone unturned as she discovers the beauty in the midst of the crushing loss of her beloved one, as God extracts the oil of gladness out of mourning. Is that hard to believe?  Take the challenge of uncovering how the weightier picture can become our comforting reality. Brave the ocean with her.  You will see that the God of Heaven will lift you up to see the mountains! He is there with you, and He has completed the work for you. Find your own seemingly impossible situations addressed in Lena’s conversations with God.

—Ginger Lindsay
Executive Director of Ministries
Christ For The Nations

Paulauskas has written movingly about loss, in a universal and profoundly personal way. In prose that is vivid in its imagery and storytelling and by allowing her readers a window into her grief and memories, we discover who her father was. Reading Chasing Time from start to finish really hits me hard. It’s impossible not to be affected by it.

—Barry Wurst II
Writer for Maui Times
Lecturer at University of Hawaii, Maui College
Hawaii Film Critics Society Founder

Chasing Time was a very healing pathway through this journey of grief I find myself on after losing my father last year. A lot of the emotions and thoughts that have been playing on repeat in my mind, Lena was able to capture, write and organize in a way that made it easy to read. Thank you for writing this, it really helped me.

—Johnny Marocco

Love her description of feelings. Is grief a fog or darkness? Are you fine or numb? I can so relate and examine the feelings she describes. Beautiful.

—Iowa consumer – Pam S

Reading a book where someone has put into words emotions my heart feels or even tries to avoid, is affirming. That in itself feels encouraging and healing. The author makes me feel that I am not alone. There are other people and communities who get it. Reading these words made me feel like I do when answering honestly with, “I am having a hard day because of grief,” when somebody asks how I am, and they respond with that knowing look with no need for an explanation. That is beyond comforting. There are moments where I wish I could hand somebody a manual to explain what grief feels like. It can be hard to explain. Now because of the vulnerability and creativity of Lena Paulauskas, I plan to gift this book as a way to extend care, understanding, and maybe even help the grieving feel less alone. Thank you for your bravery, vulnerability, and honesty in your book. Thank you for helping me feel seen and understood and putting into words what can feel unexplainable. I do not doubt that many hearts will feel embraced and seen because of this book. Definitely recommend having tissues, a warm beverage, and perhaps a weighted blanket while reading. This is an absolutely a must read.

—Cheri Duckworth

Lena’s open and honest words share her heart and her faith in an encouraging, easy to read way. So helpful and inspiring.

—Karen D

This poetry reminded me of the legacy that was given to me and the importance of the one I’m leaving. Thanks.


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